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Information on the following services: Shear Viscosity Vs Shear Rate, Extensional Viscosity Vs Strain Rate, Pressure Coefficient of Viscosity
Information on the following: constant rate shear viscometry, oscillation strain control (complex viscosity Vs Angular Frequency / Time / Temperature, Loss / Storage Modulus, Phase Angle, Yield Stress Analysis
Cure kinetics & Rubber Rheometry utilising a Monsanto R100 Oscillating Disc Rheometer (ODR) and an Alpha Technologies RPA2000
Gammadot can provide comprehensive Brookfield viscometry services utilising our LVDV-1+, RVDV-1+ & 5xHBT-II viscometers in conjunction with full LV & RV spindle sets, SSA & UL Adaptor
Specific Volume as a function of Pressure & Temperature using equipment developed at Rapra Technology , UK - PvT measurement
Materials Property measurements Required to perform Moldflow and Sigmasoft 3D  Flow Simulation Programmes
Moulding services  provided on our Moore 60 Tonne electric hydraulic heated moulding press
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A brief introduction to rheology
A brief overview of the capillary & rotational rheometers
Our free information resources including thermoplastic & rubber properties databases and injection moulding troubleshooter guide - more applications will be added regularly