A capillary rheometer is in essence, a highly instrumented ram extruder with extremely accurate ram speed & temperature control, pressure drop measurement and capillary die geometries. For more information on the measurement principles click HERE. Gammadot uses a Porpoise P9 Twin Bore Capillary Rheometer & a Celsum Technologies ACR 2100 series precision capillary rheometer to perform viscometry measurements across shear / extensional rate ranges relative to polymer processing. The rheometers are capable of measuring viscosity data at shear rates in excess of 250,000 1/s and, in addition to providing the required viscosity data for applications such as injection moulding / extrusion flow simulation, are ideal for discriminating processing problems such as melt fracture, die swell, slippage flow, shark skinning, etc.

The instruments are fully computerised, which allows automatic testing and data collection. The data analysis systems fit routine rheological corrections, plus a large number of shear and extensional flow models, as utilised by the leading finite element flow analysis packages such as Moldflow & Sigmasoft 3D. Test methods are in general accordance of the following standards: ISO 11443-05 & ASTM 3835-02.
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Our Capillary Rheometry Expertise Includes

Shear Viscosity as a Function of Shear Rate  
Extensional Viscosity as a Function of Extension Rate
Shear Viscosity as a Function of Hydrostatic Pressure
Melt Density to ASTM 3835-02 Part 11