The British Society of Rheology -The Society was founded as an informal British Rheologists' Club in 1940 and has as its objectives the promotion of science and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of pure and applied rheology. It has expanded greatly since then and has reached over 600 members, of whom about one third lie outside the U.K. and distributed widely throughout the world.

Independent Polymer Technology Ltd - provide consultancy, testing and analysis services to material suppliers, converters and all end user sectors. Based in the UK the company offers expert advice & testing on all aspects of polymer technology; from material formulation, design for long term durability and polymer processing. We can provide support all the way from concept through to recycling.
RAPRA Limited is the leading not for profit research organisation for companies in manufacturing, processing or end use who are involved in polymers. Founded in 1919 RAPRA offers impartial and independent support to members and non-members involved in all kinds of polymer related R&D from a range of world class preferred service providers.
Artis - is the UK's leading rubber testing & consultancy laboratory. Artis provides a wide spectrum of industrial support ranging from optimising customer compound formulations to providing problem solving services (root cause validation to solution implementation), through to expert witness legal support & rubber technology training courses. There is also a materials analysis service offering bench marking and reverse engineering together with both conventional & electron microscopy facilities.
Lacerta Technology - offer Contract Research for assistance and advice on materials' development and characterisation of mechanical and thermal properties over a wide temperature range and in controlled environments, for example air, nitrogen, fluid immersion and varying relative humidity. The expertise of Lacerta personnel is renowned throughout the thermal sciences business. Lacerta personnel are particularly well able to advise and support those users of Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis and Dielectric Thermal Analysis. We provide in depth support and knowledge of Triton/Lacerta Technology, Perkin Elmer and Mettler Toledo DMA/DETA equipment.
The Scottish Plastics and Rubber Association is an independent society catering for the needs of individual professional members and Corporate Member companies and organisations. The primary aim of the SPRA is ‘to promote the advancement of plastics, rubbers and related materials through education and training in the science, engineering and design associated with the manufacture, conversion and end-use of polymeric materials’. The SPRA provides a forum for the plastics, rubber and general polymer community in Scotland through the provision of technical meetings, support for polymer education and social activities.
The Telford Polymer Association - The TPA is an association of people involved in the Plastics and Rubber industry mainly in Shropshire, but with significant numbers in surrounding areas.
Molecular Control Systems Ltd - MCS, formerly Porpoise, has over 38 years of specialist experience in rheometer design and manufacture, polymer manufacturing control and On-Line/At-line MFI measurement.
Sidwell Consulting & Analytical Services - Working in collaboration with ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and other specialists, Sidwell Consulting and Analytical Sevices provides support to global industries in the following main areas: Regulatory approval testing and certification of food contact materials. European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) petitions and US FDA food contact material notifications (FCNs). Extractable and leachable studies on medical materials. Detailed analysis and characterisation of polymeric materials including plastics, elastomeric materials, packaging, coatings and thermosets. Examination of material failures (cracking, contaminants, premature degradation, adhesion and bonding problems etc.) and Biodegradable materials.
Polymatrix - Polymatrix is a new name on the polymer scene. It was set up in 2008 with the aim of providing innovations which can help processors and users get the best out of polymers.The principals of Polymatrix have many years' experience of problem solving with polymer systems and have recognised a number of needs that have so far not been met. One is for adequate process control with polymer formulations which start their lives as liquids. The technology may look simple, but process control is a quite a challenge.

Plastics & Rubber Weekly - Plastics & Rubber Weekly is the premier polymer industry paper bringing the latest news and development with the plastics & rubber sectors weekly.