Gammadot use Reologica StressTech HR research spec. high resolution controlled stress rotational rheometers, & Reologica Viscotech controlled stress rotational rheometers to perform a variety of rheological tests, ranging from constant rate viscometry to oscillation strain control as functions of deformation rate, time or temperature. For more information on the measurement principles click HERE. These rheometers provide a highly sensitive and accurate method of determining discrete changes in properties such as molecular weight & molecular weight distribution caused through thermal / physical / Chemical degradation. The instruments have extensive temperature ranges and can be run isothermally or thermally ramped, (StressTech HR: -15°C to 400°C and ViscoTech: -10°C to 100°C). For this reason these machines are an intrinsic part of our quality control & failure analysis services.

The rheometers are equipped with a wide selection of modular cone & plate, plate-plate & coaxial cylinder measurement systems providing the flexiblity to characterise materials ranging from highly filled / high molecular weight polymers to low viscosity solutions / oils & pastes / weakly structured materials. A disposable plate-plate measurement system is also available to use in conjunction with the rheometers. The disposable plate system is ideally suited to the characterisation of key parameters such as melt stability determination, thermal degradation studies, measurement of cure kinetics & Reactive Viscosity data for use in Moldflow & Moldex3D, and the characterisation of polymer solutions containing aggressive chemicals or solvents.

Up until the acquisition of Reologica AB by Malvern Instruments Ltd in early 2010, Gammadot Rheology was the UK location for demonstration of Reologica AB's quality rotational rheometer range.
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Reologica ViscoTech Controlled Stress Rheometer Reologica StressTech HR High Resolution Controlled Stress Rheometer
Bespoke Gammadot designed disposable plate / plate system for working with curing / corrosive systems

Our Rotational Rheometry Expertise Includes:

Shear Viscosity Versus Shear Rate/Time/Temperature
Oscillatory Rheometry Versus Frequency/Time/Temperature
Yield Stress Analysis (Inc. Sub Zero° Low Temp. measurements)
Reactive Viscosity/Cure Kinetics/Melt Stability/Thermal Degradation Studies