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  Gammadot Rheology Quarterly Newsletter - March 2009

Welcome to the new look Gammadot quarterly newsletter.

Gammadot Rheology is the only demonstration site in the UK for Reologica rheometers as supplied exclusively in Britain by Infra Scientific Ltd.
Only orders received with a valid purchase order before the closing date will be eligible for the 25% discount. Normal volume discounts given for sample batch sizes of 5+ will not apply during this promotion.

Gammadot Rheology Exhibiting at PDM'09
Discuss your testing needs in person!
Gammadot will be situated in a slightly different position to last year's event due to changes in the floor plan, but nothing will have changed in the reception you will receive on the stand - As always, Mark Edwards & colleagues will be happy to discuss your testing needs or offer advice on any problems you may be currently experiencing. We look forward to seeing you there!

Gammadot Services Overview
Rotational Rheometry - Shear viscosity versus shear rate / Time / Temperature Oscillatory Rheometry as a function of Frequency / Time / Temperature Yield Stress Analysis (Inc. sub zero°C ) Cure Kinetics / Melt Stability / Thermal Degradation Studies
Capillary Rheometry - Shear viscosity as a function of shear rate Extensional viscosity as a function of extension rate Shear viscosity as a function of hydrostatic pressure Melt Density to ASTM 3835-96 No Flow Temperature
Brookfield Viscometry - LV / RV / 5xHBT viscometer ranges available Full range of RV / LV spindles plus Small Sample Adaptor (SSA) Electrically heated thermosel coaxial cylinder system UL Adaptor for accurate low viscosity measurements
Free technical information available on Gammadot's website
High Pressure Dilatometry (PvT Behaviour) - Specific Volume as a function of temperature & pressureVolume Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionBulk Modulus as a function of temperature & pressure
Rubber Cure Rheometry - Cure Kinetics to ISO standard 3417:1991 Part A60 (Monsanto R100 Oscillating Die Rheometer)
Rubber & Plastic Moulding Services - Compression & transfer moulding of rubber, thermoplastic & thermoset compounds using a Moore 50 tonnes electric / hydraulic press (with bespoke cooling system), max. sheet size 200mm x 200mm. Temperature range: ambient to 400°C
Flow Analysis Materials Data - Provision of properties data for input into Moldflow, Sigmasoft 3D & Fillcalc V (Rubber &Thermoplastic simulation) including: viscosity, Cure Kinetics, PvT, Specific Heat Capacity, Thermal Conductivity & all relevant modeling contained in the correct file format

For further information about Gammadot's testing & consultancy services, or if you have a specific problem / testing requirement which you would like Gammadot to provide a solution to, please contact us using the details at the top of the page or via the enquiry form HERE.

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