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  Gammadot Rheology Quarterly Newsletter - September 2009
Gammadot Rheology gains Moldex3D Approval

Following discussions with leading Taiwanese 3D CAE software providers, CoreTech System Co., Ltd, Independent testing specialist Gammadot Rheology has been awarded ‘approved laboratory’ status for the provision of materials characterisation data for Moldex3D – CoreTech’s flagship true 3D flow simulation software package.

Mark Edwards, Gammadot’s principal said, “Gammadot is delighted to become the preferred supplier of materials testing services to Moldex3D’s European software users, and look forward to providing fast, accurate solutions to their data requirements in a timely & confidential manner”.

Gammadot is uniquely suited to supporting Moldex3D as prior to setting the company up in 2006, Edwards was solely responsible for the provision of data for packages such as Moldflow, Fillcalc, & Sigmasoft3D, during 18 years service with Rapra Technology Ltd. In addition to materials characterisation services, Gammadot also offers support in the form of failure analysis and quality control programmes utilising a range of rheological & thermal test methods.

Moldex3D is a leading CAE product for the plastics injection moulding industry. With the best-in-class analysis technology, Moldex3D can help you to in-depth simulate the widest application range of injection molding processes to optimize product design and manufacturability, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product ROI, (return of investment).

Kenny Lu, Moldex3D head of global sales visits Mark Edwards at Gammadot Rheology, August 2009
Kenny Lu, Moldex3D head of global sales visits Mark Edwards at Gammadot Rheology, August 2009
Moldex3D Full 3D Flow Simulation of a multi-component Injection Moulded Part. The red section within the figure is a metal insert.
Moldex3D Full 3D Flow Simulation of a multi-component Injection Moulded Part. The red section within the figure is a metal insert.
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Gammadot Becomes a 'Select supplier'

Gammadot Rheology has recently won approval from Business Link's West Midlands Brokerage Service to become a 'Select supplier' and enrolled onto the West Midlands supplier register. As an approved supplier, Gammadot's core services are immediately available to Business Link's advisers and support teams for matching to client requirements identified through full business reviews carried out with Business Link West Midlands. If you believe your company could benefit from a full business diagnostic, contact Andrew Cooper @ Business Link on 0121 569 0610.

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Lecture on Rheology presented to the TPA on 28th November 2008
 A paper entitled 'Rheology - A Practical Approach to Quality Control', presented by Mark Edwards to the Telford Polymer Association at an evening lecture last November is now online at the TPA's web site, (click graphic for link).
PvT LVDT Calibration Improved

The next 12 months will see a phased package of refurbishment & improvements to the Rapra Technology-developed PvT apparatus. Phase one has involved the manufacture of a new system for the insitu calibration of the LVDT transducer which is seated below the pressure vessel.

The LVDT measures the expansion / contraction of the sample cell bellows assembly via the displacement of a rod attached to the base of the cell, (for further information on the measurement principles see HERE).

Because of the location of the LVDT & the sensitivity of the zero point adjustment system it is attached to, calibration of the transducer had traditionally been difficult. The new system involves screwing the existing displacement rod onto a calibrated vernier micrometer head via a stainless steel extension bar. The rig is lowered down into the barrel and the head secured to the top of the barrel. The LVDT is then zeroed and positive / negative values of displacement read from the digital display against actual readings of displacement generated by the incremental movement of the micrometer head.

The design of a bespoke fast cooling system is completed and as part of phase two of the development, this is hoped to be produced & commissioned before the end of 2009.

Micrometer head and extension rod system for the insitu calibration of the PvT Apparatus LVDT.
LVDT Calibration System in position
Gammadot Rheology is the only demonstration site in the UK for Reologica rheometers as supplied exclusively in Britain by Infra Scientific Ltd.
Plastics Design + Moulding 2010
Next year's event will have a slightly different floor plan to 2008 & 2009 - Gammadot's new stand designation is Stand A17... See you there!!
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