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December 2007 Issue
  What's in this issue...
Monsanto R100 Oscillating Die Rheometer Refurbished... More 
PvT Apparatus Temperature Range Increased... More
Free Gammadot Software Modified on Request... More
That was the Year That Was - A Review of 2007... More
Gammadot Services Overview... More

Seasons greetings! Welcome to the last quarterly newsletter of 2007. Gammadot has enjoyed a successful 12 month period which has seen substantial growth in both the variety of contract work performed and the range of rheological equipment available to support it. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish clients and colleagues, both past and present, a very, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Gammadot looks forward to continuing to provide you with rheology & materials characterisation support in a timely & professional manner.
Mark C. Edwards

Monsanto R100 Oscillating Die Rheometer Refurbished...

At the end of 2007 we announced plans to refurbish our Monsanto R100 oscillating die rheometer to include PC-based data logger software and a new, higher accuracy digital temperature control system.The refurbishment was completed during quarter III of this year and the first contract work with the revamped machine performed early November. The original temperature control system has been replaced with dual digital controllers giving temperature control to ±0.1°C. Data is collected using bespoke software which automatically calculates cure & scorch parameters enabling swift analysis & comparison of data sets. The original Monsanto chart recorder is still connected to the machine giving the facility to supply data the "traditional" way if so requested. More Info

Bespoke Gammadot Cure Rheometer Data  Logger Software System
All new digital temperature control system giving +/-0.1°C temperature control
Monsanto R100 Oscillating Disc Rheometer with Data Logger
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PvT Apparatus Temperature Range Increased...

The maximum temperature at which PvT data can safely be generated with Gammadot's Rapra Technology-developed PvT apparatus has been increased by 50°C. Following trials utilising new, experimental high temperature containing fluids supplied by Morris's lubricants, the instrument now has a maximum operating temperature close to 400°C. The increased thermal range was required to provide contract testing of high temperature engineering thermoplastics with crystalline melting points in the 320°C - 370°C range. The replacement pressure, temperature transfer medium allowed characterisation of the materials well into the melt phase. More Info

High Temperature PvT Data generated on the Rapra Technology  PvT Apparatus
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Free Gammadot Software Modified on Request...
The free second order viscosity model points conversion software advertised in last quarter's newsletter has been modified slightly to cater for a wider user base. The original version was written primarily for the conversion of polymer second order fits and therefore gave calculated viscosity data over the shear rate range 10 - 100,000 1/s (representative of the injection moulding process). Thanks to requirements feedback from a user in the foods industry, the software now has the facility to switch between "high" & "low" shear ranges (10 to 100,000 1/s and 0.1 to 1000 1/s). In addition the viscosity ("Y") axis now autoscales between 0.01 mPa.s to 1,000,000 Pa.s. Download Here

Free Second Order Viscosity Model Point Conversation Software from Gammadot Rheology

That Was The Year That Was - 2007...
Recap of the headlines from Gammadot Rheology newsletters released this year:
New Capillary Rheometer... More 
Gammadot Rheology to Exhibit @ PDM'08... More
New Reologica ViscoTech Rotational Rheometer... More
Moore 50 tonne electric moulding press purchased... More
Gammadot becomes UK support lab for Infra Scientific...More
Brookfield UL Adaptor Purchased... More

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Gammadot Services Overview...
Our expertise is based primarily in the rheological characterisation of elastomers and thermoplastic melts, although we have experience with many other materials including: bitumens, industrial sealants, oils, greases, paints, solutions, hot melt adhesives and food additives to name but a few.

We also have many years experience in providing materials characterisation data support for proprietary flow simulation software packages such as Moldflow, Sigmasoft 3D and the now discontinued Fillcalc & C-Mold systems.

A brief summary of our key measurement services includes:
Capillary Rheometry
ACR2100 Capillary Rheometer
Shear viscosity as a function of shear rate
Extensional viscosity as a function of extension rate
Shear viscosity as a function of hydrostatic pressure
Melt Density to ASTM 3835-96
No Flow Temperature
Equipment used: Magna Projects ETA2100 Capillary Rheometer, Celsum Technologies ACR2100 Capillary Rheometer
Rotational Rheometry
Reologica ViscoTech Controlled Stress Rheometer
Shear viscosity versus shear rate / Time / Temperature
Oscillatory Rheometry as a function of Frequency / Time / Temperature
Yield Stress Analysis (Inc. sub zero°C low temperature measurements)
Cure Kinetics / Melt Stability / Thermal Degradation Studies
Equipment used: Reologica StressTech HR & Reologica ViscoTech Controlled Stress / Rate Rotational Rheometers
Brookfield Viscometry
Brookfield Viscometer Suite
LV / RV / 5xHBT viscometer ranges available
Full range of RV / LV spindles plus Small Sample Adaptor (SSA)
Electrically heated thermosel coaxial cylinder system
UL Adaptor for accurate low viscosity measurements
Equipment used: Brookfield LVDV-I+, RVDV-I+ & 5xHBTDV-II Rotational Viscometers
High Pressure Dilatometry (PvT)
Rapra Technology  PvT Apparatus
Specific Volume as a function of temperature & pressure
Density as a function of temperature & pressure
Bulk Modulus as a function of temperature & pressure
  Note: Gammadot Rheology is one of only two independent commercial suppliers of PvT data in the UK.
Equipment used: Rapra PvT Apparatus
Materials Characterisation For Flow Simulation
Sigmasoft 3D Flow Simulation Software
Moldflow - Can provide viscometry, PvT & thermal data for MPI & MPA group tests - through filling & packing
Sigmasoft 3D - Thermoplastic & Rubber viscosity, Cure Kinetics, PvT & thermal data + modelling
C-Mold - As above
Fillcalc V - As above
Equipment used: Capillary Rheometer, PvT Apparatus, Pyris-1 Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Thermal Diffusivity Apparatus, RPA2000 Cure Rheometer

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