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  Gammadot Rheology Bi-Annual Newsletter - March 2018

Welcome to the latest Gammadot Rheology newsletter. This month sees the company celebrate 12 years providing rheology & material characterisation services to UK & international clients. As in previous year celebrations, we've dropped our prices on certain testing so scroll down the page and see the savings you can make today!

Capillary Rheometry - 2018 is the ACR2100 capillary rheometer's 10th year of service and up until the supply and recent commissioning of the Porpoise P9 twin bore capillary rheometer, (below), was the primary method of generating high shear viscosity data here at Gammadot Rheology. Although now superceded by the P9, the ACR2100 is still used regularly for the measurement of No Flow Temperature (for deriving transition temperatures when they are unable to be determined from DSC), Melt Density to ASTM D3835 and shear viscometry on difficult to process materials.

The new Porpoise P9 twin bore capillary rheometer has been utilised for a number of projects recently producing shear viscosity data for use in flow simulation software including Autodesk Moldflow & Moldex 3D. It has also been useful in providing quality control data on rubber compounds to ensure they are within process spec. The IntelliRheo™ software accurately calculates shear & extensional data and produces easy to manipulate output files allowing fast processing & review of data.

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Rotational Rheometry - As always, Failure analysis support has been a major part of our rotational rheometry services this past year. A rotational rheometer run in oscillation mode is a highly accurate way of determining discrete (and not so discrete!) changes in Mw & MwD caused by degradation leading to chain scisson / cross linking of the polymer. Chain scisson (whether it be from inadequate drying, or poor thermal / shear optimisation of the process) can lead to brittle failure in service and rotational rheometry of 'good' & 'bad' product (and virgin granules as a control if available) is a great way of determining this.

Another major application of our StressTech HR high resolution rotational rheometer is the production of 'Reactive Viscosity' data for use in Autodesk Moldflow thermoset flow & cure simulations using a disposable plate measuring system.

Uncured thermoset material is tested at three constant frequencies as a function of three different heating rates. As the test progresses the sample cures and the resultant change in viscosity as cure progresses is captured. This family of 9 curves is then mathematically analysed and model parameters produced to describe the flow/cure behaviour.

Failure of PC Product due to inadequate drying

POM Production Problems due to wrong Grade

Reactive Viscosity Measurements - Adhesive

Cure Kinetics of PU @ Room Temperature

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Rubber quality control - testing was carried out on the re-instrumented R100 oscillating Die Rheometer (ODR), checking the cure characteristics of Nitrile compounds shipped in from abroad to ensure no cure had occurred during transit. Gammadot's R100 has refurbished digital temperature control and bespoke data-logging & analysis software.

Out of Spec. Batch Control - The Melt Flow Rate apparatus was utilised to discriminate out of spec. batches of material for a client by screening out samples with excessive flow rate values.

PvT Testing - A number of rubber samples (both uncured & cured) were run over the course of two weeks. The provision of PvT data (specific volume as a function of pressure & temperature) is a key part of Gammadot Rheology's flow simulation software support services - providing data for use in Autodesk Moldflow, Moldex 3D & Sigmasoft 3D.

Compression Moulding Test Specimens - A standard set of rubber test samples and sheets for stamping test specimens out of. The various specimens are required to perform a full Moldflow rubber characterisation.

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Flow simulation Data - Mark Edwards, Gammadot Rheology's owner and principal scientist, has been involved in supplying material characterisation data for flow simulation packages since 1989. As well as supplying data for use in Autodesk Moldflow simulation of thermoplastics, rubbers & thermosets, Gammadot Rheology can also provide data for other packages such as Moldex 3D & Sigmasoft 3D.

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Key Gammadot Test Services

Melt Flow Rate
Rotational Rheometry


Melt Flow Rate (Index) / Melt Volume Rate - MFR (MFI) / MVR to ISO standard 1133 or ASTM D1238. Full suite of weights and both standard and half sized capillary dies available.
Rotational Rheometry - Shear viscosity versus shear rate / Time / Temperature • Oscillatory Rheometry as a function of Frequency / Time / Temperature • Cure Kinetics / Melt Stability / Thermal Degradation Studies to ASTM standard D4440.

ODR Rubber Rheometry
Capillary Rheometry


Rubber Cure Rheometry - With uprated temperature control and datalogging system. Cure Kinetics to ISO standard 3417 or ASTM 2084.
Capillary Rheometry - Shear viscosity as a function of shear rate • Extensional viscosity as a function of extension rate • Melt Density to ISO standard 11443 or ASTM D3835.

P.v.T. Behaviour
Brookfield Viscometry


High Pressure Dilatometry (PvT Behaviour) - Specific Volume or Density as a function of temperature & pressure.
Brookfield Viscometry - LV & RV viscometer ranges available • Full range of RV / LV spindles plus Small Sample Adaptor (SSA) • UL Adaptor for accurate low viscosity measurements.

Check out our other testing services too - A variety of thermal & mechanical testing methods are available on request. Also, further savings can be made with volume test discounts: 6 - 10 tests = 10% discount, 11 to 15 tests = 15% discount & 16+ tests = 25% discount!
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