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Modern flow simulation software packages provide highly accurate models of the injection moulding process, but without the use of equally accurate material properties data, they are worthless – the old adage ‘rubbish in, rubbish out‘ holds true in process simulation. For this reason Gammadot Rheology offers comprehensive materials testing services supporting all of today’s leading packages including Autodesk Moldflow, Moldex 3D & Sigmasoft 3D.

Testing services range from supplying basic data for simple flow and fill simulations through to complete packages enabling flow, fill, packing and shrinkage & warpage analysis.

Focus On: Moldflow Testing

There are many different tests available to provide specific properties information for flow simulation. Below is the complete list of tests for full Moldflow analysis.

Thermoset / Rubber
Shear Viscosity Vs Shear Rate
Reactive Viscosity Vs Temperature
Specific Heat Capacity Vs Temperature
Specific Heat Capacity Vs Temperature
Ejection & Transition Temperatures
Cure Kinetics
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Conductivity
Room Temperature Density
Solid Density (Uncured & Cured)
PvT Behaviour
PvT Behaviour (Uncured & Cured)
Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Properties

All tabular & graphical data is supplied in an electronic report containing testing equipment overviews and methodology. The data is also supplied in the correct .UDB file format for seamless entry into the simulation software.

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