Gammadot Rheology signs agreement with RAPRA Ltd

Gammadot Rheology is pleased to announce that it has agreed to work with RAPRA Limited as a preferred provider.

RAPRA Limited is the leading not for profit research organisation for companies in manufacturing, processing or end use who are involved in polymers. Founded in 1919 RAPRA offers impartial and independent support to members and non-members involved in all kinds of polymer related R&D from a range of world class preferred service providers. Steve Shaw, RAPRA Executive Director says "we are extremely pleased to be working with Gammadot Rheology, experts in this area where scientific testing and measurement of 'real' materials are merged with highly specialised software modelling tools." He added "These both enable the designer to reliably predict the behaviour of a material during processing to maximise quality and performance of a product as a result of optimal manufacturing."

Gammadot Rheology is an independent testing laboratory that offers a range of testing services based on over two decades of providing rheology and materials characterisation support to the plastics and rubber industries. Mark Edwards, Gammadot's Principal, said of the agreement "Gammadot is looking forward to working alongside RAPRA and providing the membership and other clients with fast, accurate solutions to all their Rheology and material characterisation needs”

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Gammadot Services Overview.
Materials Characterisation For Flow Simulation
Sigmasoft 3D Flow Simulation Software
Moldflow - Thermoplastic & Rubber viscosity, Reactive Viscosity, Cure Kinetics, PvT, thermal & mechanical data + supply .UDB file
Moldex 3D - Thermoplastic & Rubber viscosity, Reactive Viscosity, Cure Kinetics, PvT, thermal & mechanical data
Sigmasoft 3D - Thermoplastic & Rubber viscosity, Cure Kinetics, PvT & thermal data

Melt Flow Rate (MFR)
Sigmasoft 3D Flow Simulation Software
Melt Flow Rate
Melt Volume Rate
Standards: ASTM D1238 (ISO1133)

Capillary Rheometry
ACR2100 Capillary Rheometer
Shear viscosity as a function of shear rate
Melt Density
No Flow Temperature
Standards: ASTM D3835 (ISO11443)

Rotational Rheometry
Reologica ViscoTech Controlled Stress Rheometer
Shear viscosity versus shear rate / Time / Temperature
Oscillatory Rheometry as a function of Frequency / Time / Temperature
Yield Stress Analysis (Inc. sub 0°C low temperature measurements)
Cure Kinetics / Melt Stability / Thermal Degradation Studies
Standards: ASTM D4440 (ISO6721 Part 10), ISO 3219

Brookfield Viscometry
Brookfield Viscometer Suite
LV & RV viscometer ranges available
Full range of RV / LV spindles plus Small Sample Adaptor (SSA)
Electrically heated thermosel coaxial cylinder system
UL Adaptor for accurate low viscosity measurements
Standards: ASTM D2196, ISO 2555

Oscillating Disc Rheometry (ODR)
Brookfield Viscometer Suite
Cure Kinetics
Standards: ISO 3417

High Pressure Dilatometry (PvT Behaviour)
Rapra Technology  PvT Apparatus
Specific Volume as a function of temperature & pressure
Density as a function of temperature & pressure
  Note: Gammadot Rheology is one of only two independent commercial suppliers of PvT data in the UK.
No international Standard to date

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